Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hermes Avalon Blanket- my precious!!

The avalon at home in my lounge being guarded by Bo

Close up detail with stitching detail & faint line pattern

Having lusted after this blanket for a number of years now (the fact it is featured in almost every Elle Decor shoot really didn't help my obsession) I was thrilled to receive a Hermes Avalon Blanket for my birthday last week. I opted for the black and oatmeal design as I thought this colour scheme would be the most versatile to use in my house and on shoots of my projects. Its fair to say at over £800 for a blanket it's impossible to justify so why do people buy it? In my case it's not even to use it! Having a cocker spaniel that rules the roost it would be impossible for me to snuggle up in this blanket without Bo trying to sneak on top and shed her hairs all over it. Currently it is tucked in on the side of an armchair with a stern warning to anyone who ventures near it.. I view the blanket as an elaborate cushion/ soft furnishing in my lounge and am excited to use it as a prop on my future photo shoots. I really think it adds a certain something to an interior- much like a designer handbag can make a high street outfit look more fabulous.

It can be used in a number of different ways as i've seen in magazines and online since my obsession began...

It makes a fabulous headboard image via elements of style

Love this one in orange, it really lifts the grey decor

image via Moth design

image via Tobi Fairley

If its good enough for Carrie it's good enough for me

image via The Zhush

If you love the look of this graphic blanket but understandably don't want to spend so much then this blanket from Jonathan Adler is a great alternative at £295, still not cheap but it's gorgeous and comes in some great colours. As for me I just keep repeating the mantra 'cost per wear, cost per wear' to try and rid myself of some of the guilt of this extravagance!!

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